Nana Ogura - JAV Idol in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is heaven on earth, no wonder if it attracts angels like Nana Ogura to visit the island. Bali, located in Indonesia, is a famous tourist destination for its beaches, natures, cultures, foods, and heritage sites. Last year, Bali received the "Best Island" award from Travel and Leisure, a travel magazine based in New York.

While Nana Ogura is a Japanese AV idol, or in other words, a Japanese porn star. We don't know if Nana Ogura visited Bali just for a vacation, or to shot some scenes. However, she made some beautiful photos for her photobook, that also can be used to describe Bali. So, here goes:

Nana Ogura Bali DogNana Ogura took picture of a dog. Unlike in other places, Bali lets wild dogs, or dogs without owner, roam freely in the street. There are approximately more than 300,000 street dogs in Bali. The local government regularly injects those dogs with rabies vaccine. They also encourage citizens to adopt those poor animals.

Unfortunately, Bali also has its own problems. Last April, Time magazine wrote an article titled as "Holiday in Hell", for Bali is now filled with trash, crime, and traffic jam. Tourist and citizen now prefer motorcycle and scooter as an alternative to avoid traffic jam.

Nana Ogura with exotic necklace and bracelets. These kind of ethnic accessories are very cheap and easy to get in Bali's local market.

Nana-Ogura-Visit-Bali-BeachNana Ogura Bali Indonesia
Bali's no.1 beach, Kuta, has problem with trash and waste recently. The number of tourists also increase rapidly. Luckily, this island has many more unexplored beaches with their white sands.

Nana Ogura Bali Cafe
Cafe and club are the core of Bali's night life. Meanwhile, many buildings in Bali, including office, shop, house, hotel, public services, and mall, are built with beautiful engraving and ornament, which represent the Balinese culture.

Japanese, can't go anywhere without noodle, don't they? Luckily, Indonesian also love noodle, which makes this food easy to get. Located in tropical climate, Bali and Indonesia also have various of delicious fruits and hot spices.

Nana Ogura enjoyed her hotel's room and pool. As one of the most visited islands worldwide, Bali has many hotels and villas. Needless to worry, it's not difficult to get a reservation. The average occupancy of starred hotels in 2010 achieved 65 percent, which mean there are still lot of rooms to spare.

One more lovable thing about Bali, is that its citizen don't seem to have interest with public figures. So, it's common to see famous celebrity, athlete, socialite from all around the globe wandering in Bali without attract many attention. Just book a flight there in your next holiday, who knows if you will meet other AV idols such as Erika Kirihara or Sora Aoi.

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