Something You Wish to Last Forever

After the extravagant wedding party, there’s no better thing waited by the wedding couple than an intimate and romantic honeymoon. This is the time when they retreat from the world to enjoy their special moment just for both of them.

If you really want a romantic escape for your honeymoon, you will need to find the perfect location where nobody can bother both of you. You can easily find the perfect candidates for your honeymoon but it is much recommended to choose the Rendezvous. This is the best choice for romantic St Lucia vacations at Caribbean Islands. Since the Rendezvous is the only boutique hotel designed for couples, you will find the most supportive scene for your intimate escape. This is where you can enjoy the perfect honeymoon.

You will love everything about the Rendezvous. This boutique hotel is surrounded with natural beauties and your room is only few walk away from the beach. All five stars facilities are dedicated to support the romantic atmosphere in this boutique hotel. You will love the entire time you can enjoy with your loved one and even you will wish that such a moment will last forever. The Rendezvous at St Lucia is the best place for your most romantic honeymoon.

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