Venezuela - The Land of Beutiful Women

Some countries, especially United States and United Kingdom might issue travel warning to Venezuela. They said this country is dangerous and full of crime. The street is full of violence, drug dealers are everywhere, also there is a high risk of kidnapping.

Well, people of South America probably say that we shouldn't believe everything said by the capitalists. It's true that traveling to Venezuela is probably pose higher risk than to Caribbean or Europe for example, but this country is obviously worth visiting. Why? I would say two reasons; The Canaima National Park and Venezuelan Girls. Let's talk about the park later, Venezuelan girls are famous to the entire world. Six of them has won the Miss Universe contest, including this year winner, Miss Stefania Fernandez.

Stefania Fernandez, 2009 Miss Universe

These are Miss Universe contest winner from Venezuela:

Maritza Sayalero (1979)
Irene Sáez (1981)
Bárbara Palacios Teyde (1986)
Alicia Machado (1996)
Dayana Mendoza (2008)
Stefanía Fernández (2009)

Dayana Mendoza, 2006 Miss Universe

If you can get a date with one of the Miss Universe, then you might've considering to take a trip to Venezuela and meet a woman there. Caracas and other cities have tons of beautiful girl who as sexy as those beauty pageant winner.

From left to right: Sayalero, Irene Saez, Barbara Teyde, Alicia Machado

Tourism: Canaima National Park

Now that you've found the girl, where are the next destination? You can see their exotic flora and fauna at the Canaima National Park, which located in south-eastern Venezuela, near the Brazilian border.

This place is what the famous British author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, called as The Lost World. The World Heritage-listed park sprawls across more than seven million acres in southeastern Venezuela, encompassing a geologic petri dish of 100 flat-topped table mountains dating to the age of dinosaurs.

Canaima National Park is a UNESCO heritage site. This place has endangered jaguars, ocelots and armadillos, 100 bird types and more than 9,000 plant species are found here. But the centerpiece is Angel Falls, the highest unbroken waterfall on earth.

Angel Falls in the center of The Lost World

Now, of course don't expect a nice hotel or accommodation here. This park is only for those who like an adventurous journey. It suitable with what I mentioned in first paragraph about how Venezuela can be a not civilized place for those who just seeking a peaceful and quiet vacation.

Beautiful and dangerous

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