Ten Great Things to See and Do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland is full of things to do and see, with some you`ve probably heard of and others you may not have. Before planning your trip to this rich and verdant city, it`s best to think about what attractions and tourist destinations you`ll visit so you can make an itinerary and get a chance to see everything you want to before it`s time to head home. Check out this list of 10 great Edinburgh destinations and you won`t be lacking in entertainment or education.

1.      Calton Hall
This was a favorite place of the author, Robert Louis Stevenson. Climb to the top and take some wonderful photos of the city from above. You`ll be able to see for miles around and will have fun trying to identify the many famous monuments scattered throughout the city. Free admission.

2.      Edinburgh Military Tattoo
If military performances intrigue you, this is the event to go to. Musical instruments, lights and fireworks combine to give you a performance you`ll never forget. This venue is a splurge, but it`s well worth it. Prices start at $164 for a show and a tour of the area.

3.      Edinburgh Castle
No trip to Scotland would be complete without a trip to Edinburgh Castle. It sits atop a volcanic rock and presides grandly over the city. Here you`ll be able to see the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny and the Crown Room. Prices start at ?16 for adults.

4.      Museum of Scotland
Enter the Museum of Scotland and see more than 2,000 years of history. A range of exhibits display local fossils all the way up to current popular culture items and trends. If you have children with you, the many hands-on exhibits will keep them entertained for hours. Admission is free and the museum is open every day.

5.      Royal Yacht Britannia
This vessel was home to the Royal British Family for several decades. The state apartments, engine room and deck tearoom are just a few of the visions you`ll get to behold on board. Included with the adult fee of ?12 is an audio tour that gives you all sorts of valuable information about the ship.

6.      Royal Botanic Garden
This famous 70-acre garden is one of the fanciest in Great Britain and is home to a huge array of flowers, a rock garden and an art exhibit. Admission is free.

7.      Craigmillar Castle
This castle claims to be the best preserved in all of Scotland. Mary Queen of Scots used the castle as her haven and retreat from royal life duties. The castle was built around the year 1400 and has gardens, towers and stunning views. Ticket prices start at ?5.50.

8.      Old Town
For loads of local architecture, food and shopping, head to Old Town Edinburgh. Hike through the streets to see wool shops, pubs and plenty of historical markers.

9.      Portobello Beach
Much of Scotland borders the ocean, so seeing at least one beach on your visit rounds out your itinerary. Portobello Beach is less than five miles from the center of the city. Here you can romp in the waves, have a picnic or visit a local caf?.

10.     Gilmerton Cave
The cavern lies beneath the streets of Edinburgh, but it`s unclear what the caves were once used for. A guided tour gives you some history and outlines the mystery of the underground passages. The fee is ?7.50 for adults.

If you find that you love Edinburgh, consider contacting someone who is selling a timeshare, and purchase a second home you can stay in whenever you visit and rent out when you aren`t there. This way, you can enjoy everything Edinburgh has to offer anytime you want to.


Why Should You Go on Adriatic Cruise

Many people spend their summer holidays in Croatia, but few realize the potential the country has for cruising. The Adriatic Sea is warm, crystal-clear and always calm, and is the perfect location for your cruising holiday.

A Cruise offers a freedom you're not able to experience any other way: where you go and how long you will stay depends entirely up to you! Every day you can find yourself on a new island, a new town, a new beach which provides a beautiful sense of adventure. You can also reach and visit places you would not be able to visit otherwise; hidden islets and beaches, small fishing villages and ports. In fact, the Croatian shore is famous for consisting of more than a thousand islands (around hundred are inhabited)and is considered a nautical heaven among experienced yachtsmen  – just imagine how many hidden bays and coves await you, not to mention the old Dalmatian towns, known for their rich history, cultural monuments and openness towards tourists.

Since your yacht will be your hotel, restaurant and the main way of transport, you will not have to carry your luggage around and unpack every time you're in a new town; you will have the coziness and the luxuries of home, since most yachts now have certain kitchen appliances, showers, comfortable beds and even the Internet.

You'll be able to visit a lot of places and enjoy your time to the fullest; even a trip from one place to another won't seem boring and long since cruising is fun all the time – you can just relax and enjoy the sea and the sun as you travel – the appointed skipper will take care of all yacht management and navigation.

The cruise also solves a lot of budget problems; you'll keep better track of your costs, travel a lot cheaper than you would using a bus or renting a car and you can always use the yacht kitchen to prepare your own meals when you don't want to eat out. But we do recommend trying Dalmatian cuisine and the delicacies which differ from town to town; usually every area or a town has their own specialty, but the cuisine is generally based on boiled vegetables and fish, olive oil and herbal spices.

Holiday season in Croatia usually means tourists crowds, a lot of noise and a lot of frenzy – yacht rental is the perfect escape from these inconveniences as you can just sail off when you want a little peace and quiet. Crowded beaches and streets will no longer be a problem, but don't worry about potential loneliness, since all you need to do is dock somewhere and enjoy Dalmatian restaurants, manifestations, tourist facilities, bars and night clubs.

The yachtsman community in Croatia is popular and numerous; you can always get tips, advice and friendship from other people who also enjoy sailing, so come and experience the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

Many agencies in Croatia offer yacht rental options, the most known probably being Charter Croatia (http://chartercroatia.net/) offering a variety of different yachts, motorboats and catamarans to suit every pocket.


Ten Amazing Islands Not to Miss in Canada

Spending quality time while hanging out with friends or even family during a vacation or on holiday is critically important to every person participating in this affair. Everyone desires to reap the most out of this lifetime event and keep memories of the whole adventure. Deciding on the preferable destination which will offer an all-inclusive vacation package might be a challenge especially trying to bring interests of everyone on board and ensuring satisfaction is realized. However, good news is that Canada is one country in Europe which will help you enjoy your every second here as it provides you with amazing natural scene such as the beautiful islands which will help relax and have the real sense of your vacation. Some of these amazing islands in Canada include;

Sable Island

This island dominance is favored by two main factors. First, presence of some rare tropical species of beans and eels which migrate annually to the beautiful shores of the island and secondly, it’s dominated by horses which in fact outnumber the people living here. The strategic position of the island lies s180 km from the mainland south east of Nova Scotia.

Toronto Island

Its home to various amazing activities and incredible places to visit including the fascinating hexagonal base lighthouses. Tourists like visiting this island during the summer and enjoy the sunny rays while basking in the beautiful sandy beaches. The island is also famous for due to the murder of the legend Rude Muller murdered by 3 drunk soldiers.

Victoria Island

This island is an incredible destiny for you to visit featuring a stunning aerial view of the four acre spread land in the lake. It offers such amazing sceneries in Canada and it’s definitely a must visit!

Georges Island

It bears some historical origins and was used by the British soldiers to obscure French and Indians attacks. It’s located at the center of Halifax harbor and is always a great subway to Martello tower and a prison camp giving it the irresistible feeling of wanting to visit it more often!

Greene Island

This mysterious Island is widely known for the wandering spirit as well as a fishing hub for many people living around here. It’s believed that the sailor is always in search of a lost crew. People are always eager to visit the Island and try to find exactly what goes on around!

Oak Island

Located south of Nova Scotia shore, the island features many amazing scenes including the historical 18th century pirate kid who is believed to have buried his treasure in this Island. Though not yet found, people still visit Oak Island in hope that they will one day find the treasure.

Devon Island

Of all the world’s biggest islands, Devon comes at 27th position. It’s located in northwest of Buffin island and has been widely used for space test severally mainly because of presence of a crater in it and the dry environment around it.

Pictou Island

It stands out above all the other islands in that it generates its own power from solar energy and windmills. It’s located north of Nova Scotia and frequently visited by tourists.

No Entry Island

All residents in this Island are blood related, it houses one restaurant, a school and its English spoken with French speaking neighbors. The great and amazing cool breeze from the ocean makes it a top choice for many.

Harington harbor

This is one of the popping harbor in the country. What stands out concerning the place is that it doesn't have anything else from the residents of the people living there. Here there are no streets nor homes for outsiders. The other feature is that the place is completely inaccessible throughout the winter unless by the utilization of helicopters or skid. The island is within the St. Austin.

More important to note is that for tourists visiting US from Canada by land ESTA visas are not required. More amazing island exist around the country but the ones mention possess great features for most people!


The Beautiful Festivals of Bali

For most people (myself included), the epitome of a dream holiday is three colours: the white sand, turquoise blue sea and bright yellow sunshine. Fortunately, there are several places that have retained most of their tradition and intertwined it into their tourism offer. One of the places that fulfills both criteria and should not be missed is the island of Bali.

Bali is a province in Indonesia where most Hindu minority in the country resides. However, apart from the beautiful landscapes, what makes it special and memorable is the festivals. The local people have stuck to their tradition and through the Bali festivals, the people celebrate holidays which are mostly related to the Balinese Religion. The religion is centered on the belief that life is one of the stages found within the cycle of existence. Some of the most important festivals held here involve celebration of life, purification of souls and making offerings.

The Galungan Festival

This is one of the most important Bali festivals that are marked on their calendar. It symbolizes the victory of Dharma (virtue) over Adharma (evil). During this festival, people normally place Penjor at the entrance of all the houses. These are tall bamboo poles that have been laboriously decorated with flowers, coconut leaves and cakes. There is also a lot of driving during this time, because the Balinese have to visit all their family temples as a part of celebration. This is normally followed by the Kuningan which is celebrated ten days later. This brings to a close the Balinese New Year Holiday. The ceremonies that are held during this period are normally held for the ancestral spirits.

Penjor Kuningan (image source: Wikipedia)

The Nyepi Festival

This is one of the Bali festivals that should be celebrated by all the societies in the globe. This is known as the Icaka New Year and it is the locals’ New Year. This is the day where there is total silence on the entire island - imagine that! Imagine you are not allowed any activity on this day. What is more, you will not find any traffic on the roads and fires cannot be lit. Use of electricity is not allowed with an exception of the tourist hotels. Sacrificial rites and purification are held a day before the Ogoh- Ogoh dance is performed through the villages to culminate the night. The dance features huge demon images that are carried through the villages. These are joined by many men who try and make as much noise as possible. This is done in a bid to waken up all the evil spirits that are found in the community and also on Nyepi when the spirits go back. The point of all this? Well, when Bali goes all quiet, it is believed that the evil spirits will not be able to locate anyone thus they will vacate the island forever.

Ogoh-Ogoh (image source: Wikipedia)

The Odalan Festival

The people of Bali celebrate this day, since it marks the date when the religious temples were founded. As you go around the province, you will notice that the temples are lavishly decorated with palm leaves, bamboo and flowers. A lot of prayers are said during these celebrations and these are normally accompanied by food offerings made to the gods as a way to mark the festival.

The Melasti Festival

As purification is a part of every religion, the people of Bali have their own as well. At this time they make their way to the sea, carrying the offerings and sacred statues that will be offered to the gods. At the sea, they are supposed to wash the statues and also slaughter pigs that are used as part of sacrifice to gods. From here a day of silence is observed to mark the ending of the purification festival.

While it seems that most festivals are associated with religion, there are also a few that are non religious. If you want to experience something rather unusual, look for the Negara bull races. This is usually an adrenaline filled day, where you get to watch bulls racing as well as sample the local delicacies that are made to mark the festival.

Bali festivals are very important in the lives of the people. It is also important to note that their calendar only has 210 days and the festivals are planned to rotate the Roman calendar year. Therefore, when on holiday in Bali, don’t forget to experience and take with you one of the most outstanding souvenirs - memory of one of the Bali festivals.


Some Destinations for Traveling in United Kingdom

When talking about traveling in  United Kingdom, also known as Britain, many foreigners only associated it with England, and forget that UK consist of other countries: Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Together, those four countries are considered as one of the world’s most influential and wealthiest nations and are home to many of the world’s oldest and famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Stonehenge, Loch Ness, and many, many others due to their long and colorful history.

UK traveling is a great and rewarding experience, especially when traveling prepared with complete documents, a considerable budget, a good itinerary and pre-booked hotels. Some travelers who fall in love with UK and want to stay for a while also can rent an apartment that installed with internet provided by BT phone and broadband. Broadband internet is an important need for many tourists, and BT is one of the major providers of broadband, phone lines and digital TV for UK homes.


There are also tons of places to see and things to do in the United Kingdom, the world’s 7th biggest tourist destination. The capital city of London alone hosts a bevy of important cultural and historical sites that have shaped the world’s history.

London's major sites include the Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and the Big Ben. And who wouldn’t want to take a few shots at or with the famous immobile royal guards. Other famous attractions in London include the London Aquarium; the London Eye which is one of the world’s biggest Ferris wheels; the British Museum, the most visited site in England; St. Paul’s Cathedral; the London Natural History Museum; Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and the world’s famous wax museum Madame Tussauds.

Buckingham Palace

Major Cities of UK

Other important cities in the UK with their own unique and interesting sites are Manchester in the state of England, known as the world’s first industrialized city and home to Manchester United; Salisbury in England, is home to the well-known Salisbury Cathedral and in its outskirts, the world-famous Stonehenge; Belfast in the state of Northern Ireland, is known for its shipyards; Edinburgh in the state of Scotland is known for its many medieval structures; and Cardiff in the state of Wales which is one of the world’s most important seaports. Other great cities to visit include Bath, which is famous for its Roman baths; Liverpool, the European capital of culture; Brighton, known for its seaside resorts; Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and in the UK has a good mix of historic and modern attractions.

For those intrepid travellers who love travelling away from bustling cities, the UK has some of the most impressive country sides and natural attractions in the world. Dover for instance is known for its White Cliffs and for fans of Robin Hood, the city of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest is all too real. There is also the famous Loch Ness, home of the legendary Loch Ness Monster located in the Highlands of Scotland as well as Ayrshire known for its wonderful scenery and for the fans of the film Braveheart, however inaccurate has shrines for William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Loch Ness

Those who wish to go UK Travelling shouldn’t be intimidated with the slew of ancient and modern attractions the UK has to offer. Once can always come back, one city or state at a time. It’s also easy to book trips and hotels in any place in the UK. UK also has some of the best hotels, restaurants and inns, lots of friendly people, great transportation system and some of the world’s best phone and broadband coverage.